Saying goodbye to Courageous Catie: A new angel has entered Heaven

On Thursday, March 31, a brave little girl named Catie Lucas joined our creator. Known as Courageous Catie on social media, the 3 year old passed away after battling a rare blood disease – juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia.

Needless to say that learning about her passing has broken my heart. I may not know Catie personally, nor met her or her parents Feliz and Jayjay Lucas, still her story has touched something deep inside me. Since late 2015, the little girl and her parents have gone through a lot. Their medical journey has even taken them to several hospitals, including the National University Hospital in Singapore where Catie recently passed away.

Courageous Catie

Looking through the Lucas’ Facebook account for their daughter Catie, I can only imagine the kind of inner strength needed for what the family went through. It is also saddening to know that such a sweet little girl has suffered through so much. Her story has been heartbreaking, yet, it has also managed to inspire many people.

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Through all the medical tests, confinements, injections and IV piercings, Catie still managed to give a smile here, a laugh there, as well as say a little prayer. Her faith and that of her parents are truly commendable! She was such a courageous and brave little girl.

Her journey has also touched countless people. From the Lucas’ family and friends including strangers, many individuals stepped forward to offer their assistance. The outpouring of prayers, love, help and support seemed tremendous! It was heartwarming! It was touching! And those are feelings coming from a person who wasn’t even a recipient of that support. I can only wonder at how blessed Catie’s parents may have felt with all the love and prayers.

However, the time has come for all of us to say our farewell to Courageous Catie. I offer my deepest condolences to Feliz and Jayjay. Please take comfort in knowing that she is in a much better place now. Although the pain of her loss may not go away and that journey may not be easy, but try to stay strong since Catie is looking down on you from up above.

Thank you Catie for serving as an inspiration to many. Thank you Feliz and JayJay for sharing your story. Heaven has definitely gained a new angel through Catie!

Perseverance in times of Hurt

Given that difficulty is an inevitable part of life, it helps if we have ways of supporting ourselves when life is challenging. Problems and adversity is predestined in the complexity of life. But looking through a different perspective, we wouldn’t grasp the mere idea of what joy is if we haven’t had any unpleasant experiences. Here are 5 ways to help you cope up in times of emotional pain.

  • Acceptance of what is unchangeable – It is through our principles, standards, and beliefs we get affected of circumstances. Hoping for an alteration of those that cannot be changed only makes it more difficult for you, possibly may be more painful for you. Understand the art of letting go by accepting people, events, reactions, and conditions as they are. Remember, it is not your fault. No matter how you feel that it is, start by forgiving yourself.

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  • Attitude of Gratitude – When we are emotional, we find it difficult to be thankful and this prevents us from looking at the brighter side of things. Get a piece of paper and start listing down everything in your life that you are appreciative of. Gratification can shift your mind set, and in turn, ease your pain. If you force yourself not to think about your agony, the more you will feel its presence. The key is to shift your mind into what is positive by starting with what you are grateful for.
  • Acts of kindness – I strongly believe that it is through our weakness that God blesses us. Trying to help out others, such as volunteering, charity work, or even by going out with friends and listening to them about what stresses them, your focus will significantly be redirected, without mentioning the delight of being able to help other people.
  • Love Yourself – go back to basics to function. As cliché as it may sound, getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy food is essential. Feed your emotional needs by playing with a puppy, reading a good novel, work on a DIY project, and enjoy your “me-time.” If you have been feeling symptoms of depression, it is best to get help from your family and loved ones. Do not be ashamed to tell them what you are going through. Ask them to pray for you and with you.
  • It is not about you – It is important that you keep in mind that you are placed on this earth to accomplish a mission, to fulfil a purpose, and it is not about you. That purpose is from God, for God. Though you are hurting, God has included this chapter in your life as a grace and blessing, for you to persevere and achieve why you are here today.I pray for you to realize you life’s purpose, for your heart to be filled with joy and happiness, for you to easily forgive, and for you to surpass this pain. You are important. God loves you!

Pretty and Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful gifts one woman can receive at the same time give in her life, and the joyfulness a baby brings can be far beyond imaginable. An expecting mother goes through a lot while there’s a bean in her belly! This prenatal period is such a beautiful experience, and what makes it even more beautiful are the sacrifices that a mother endures when her bun is still in the oven. Pain and sometimes stress occur while their eggo is prego! One of the lifestyle changes includes few to zero exercises during pregnancy. But activities requiring physical effort are just as important when you’re pregnant. Remember to consult your doctor prior to any exercise, even if it were recommended by other pregnant moms. Strenuous activities are definitely a no-no. There are a lot of specific programs available for pregnant women including yoga, and gym ball movements. As simple as walking around the neighborhood can also be very beneficial. Simple household chores can also contribute to your physical activities, but remember not to lift heavy objects and don’t elevate yourself to high platforms.

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Ensure you have enough sleep.

Aside from a complete body recharge, sleep has benefits such as improving your memory, curb inflammation, and it will overall improve the quality of life, yours and your baby’s. So go ahead and snooze!

Eat healthy food!

This is already an agreement, but a proper diet is more crucial because you now eat for two! Eat foods that aren’t oily or salty. Fruits and vegetables are a must. Lean or white meat is also best when it comes to your proteins. During the 1st trimester, you will have a lot of cravings, and this is because your body is telling you that these foods are actually what you need. These cravings will decline by the 2nd and 3rd trimester. During this period, ensure that you will eat healthy grub, as it will vastly affect your baby’s size, where if too much is taken and the baby becomes too big inside your tummy, it might be fatal for the both of you. There’s also a higher risk of delivering the baby through C-section, and prolonged labor. As you know, there will be hormonal changes which may cause skin pigmentation, weaker teeth, and thinner hair. As your body becomes more sensitive you can still remain beautiful without risking your baby’s health. Use mild shampoo only (no hair chemical treatments allowed as these are too strong), and do not get lazy when it comes to taking care of yourself with proper grooming and hygiene. Avoid stretchmarks by not passing on the moisturizer, and when the belly becomes itchy don’t use ice packs, rubbing some lemon juice have been proven to relieve itchiness. A lot of products are available on the market such as petroleum jelly and non-fragrant body butter. Just remember to check the labels!

Highlight that pregnancy glow by choosing pretty maternity clothes.

There are a lot of light cottony dresses that you will surely enjoy wearing, and match with cute Ballet flats to complete the look. Just always be wary, comfort is on top of the list when shopping. And finally, when the time has come and you’re in labor, remove external objects such as dentures, contact lenses, false eye lashes, and make up. Nail polish can be such a delight, but during labor, ensure that you do not have any on your nails. One way for the doctors to tell if the blood loss during delivery is still at a normal level is actually through the color of your nails. Never forget, you and your baby are both beautiful as you are! Enjoy your pretty pregnancy.

I Miss you!

Until about 20 months ago, blogging was a big part of my life. It was my outlet, when i feel so happy, not so happy, sad, mad and moody. It’s my way of being creative without a mess…a place where i know i can be me. No matter what how many ( ……. ), nonsense laughs, nonsense thoughts, I miss writing them… I miss the words that flow out of me, that I don’t really care if anyone reads. This is the place where i know no one will and can ever control me. No formats, no layouts.

But I got burnt out. Editing many pieces for other people started to take the time and place of my own creative outlet, and the fun started going out of it for me. Spare time isn’t copious when you have a 9 year old child and others to prioritized. Don’t get me wrong, I never regret making time for the people i love, when someone is dear to me i will love them with all of my heart and all of my time. Even if sometimes…. It hurts a lot to be in the process that you feel so all alone.

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I can try to pretend I’m not hurting; I can try to pretend I’m strong and brave, but my insides feel like tiny scraps of ripped lace and pretending hurts more than admitting the truth.

If there is something to be thankful for right now, that would be the little child in my womb. I’m excited for her ( i always claim it to be a girl) 14 weeks has never been easy for me. but i will take and took the challenge of whatever symptoms it may bring as long as she is healthy.

So I’m going to have a go at doing it again. Let’s see where this leads.