Things you’d rather be doing today than writing

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People often say that Writer’s Block is the very worst thing that can happen to a writer. I myself knew that it wasn’t true. Writer’s Laziness is.

Writer’s Laziness means that you have ton of amazing ideas but you don’t care any of this while Writer’s Block means that you desperately want to write but the you can’t find inspiration or enough motivation that you keep mentally grasping for words but they all run away laughing before you can trap them on a page.

This is a list of things I would rather be doing right now than writing:

Sleeping: Whilst one of my all-time favorite activities it’s never something I want to do when I’m supposed to.

Shopping: Who didn’t love to shop? As long as you have enough money. oh! i mean extra on your pocket.

Have some cake and cookies: I shouldn’t feel guilty about eating a cookie.  In fact, I shouldn’t be doing any of these things. Life is too short to waste it oogling Henry Cavill and complaining about being bored.

Learning a new language by watching SBS World News: I’m a big fan of different languages and foreign accents. They excite me. I’m being quasi productive and smart whilst procrastinating. It’s genius.

Make a new soundcloud cover: It’s my stress reliever.

Play with my baby Yesha : She is so addicting! :) cute and fluffy.

Got any of your own?


  1. For me it is the 10 things that I am leaving undone because I am writing! (or sleeping…I love sleeping!)
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